How Many Reps Are The Right Amount?

How many reps should you do on your exercises when you lift weights for fat loss?

The human body has different muscle groups and not all muscles are the same size or even type.
 Small muscles respond better to higher reps.
 Big muscles respond well to both higher reps and lower reps.

There are 6 big lifts that will target the “big muscles” when you lift weights which involve lots of muscles working together at the same time and in order to maximize your time and effort, you have to think differently about these movements when compared to others.

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Maan Farms Mother’s Day MOMosas & Somosas!

In honour of Mother’s Day, join Maan Farm’s for Brunch on The Farm to celebrate all Mamas!

Upon arrival, you will receive their signature berry MOMosa handcrafted with our award winnning wine.

They will be serving Mama Maan’s famous berry crepes topped with delicious whipped cream. For their savory sensations they will also be offering a wide variety of homemade samosas.

A selection of beverages will be available such as Mama Maan’s Traditional Chai Tea, coffee and signature berry lemonade.

And guess what?! Admission to the farm will be free for all Mamas!

Bring your mom, daughter, sister, friend or group of loved ones and enjoy a beautiful day on the farm.

​What’s Included:

  • A delicious crepe filled with strawberries and topped with whipped cream
  • ​A selection of 4 assorted varieties of Mama Maan’s infamous Somosas​.
  • ​For MOMosa ticket holders, MOMosas are made with our handcrafted berry dessert wine

  • Traditional Indian Chai Tea, Coffee & Berry Lemonade

​Brunch Details:

  • Please be advised a seating schedule will be in effect
  • All br​unch tickets are available only for the specific time and day selected. No exceptions.
  • ​Each seating time is valid for up to 1.5 hours.​

  • Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • ​To purchase a MOMosa Brunch ticket, you must be 19+

Maan Farms
790 McKenzie Road
Abbotsford, BC V2S 7N4

Please be advised a seating schedule will be in effect. 
Tickeholders who purchased MOMosa tickets must bring 2 pieces of valid government issued id.

To purchase tickets please visit: Maan Farm’s 
Price range: from $20 – $26
May 12 – 13

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Jane’s Walk Through Abbotsford

Start the first weekend of May with Jane’s Walk throughout Abbotsford!

The second annual Jane’s Walk in Abbotsford is scheduled from May 4 to 6, 2018 at various locations throughout the  Abbotsford community. Jane’s Walk, inspired by internationally renowned visionary planner, Jane Jacobs, is a series of free neighborhood walking tours that help people get in touch with each other and where they live. It’s about bridging social and geographic gaps and creating space for cities to discover themselves.

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