Applebarn is Back Open Come August!

Applebarn at Taves Family Farm – Opens on August 17th!

Get ready for August, because the Applebarn is officially back open!!!

About Taves Family Farm
We care about the future of our land, our children, and community. For this reason, we will always grow and share farm-to-table foods that we are proud of and a taste of the country as we invite you to visit our farm in the fall. Bring your family to the Applebarn for fresh-pressed apple cider, hayrides, a Corn Quest Maze, U-Pick apple orchards, pumpkin patch, petting barn, Farmville, Pedal Karts, and so much more!

Surrey Festival of Volunteers Community Volunteer Connections is hosting a Volunteer Fest this Sunday at Central City! You’re invited to attend the Surrey Volunteer Festival at Central City from 11 am to 4 pm on May 27!  If you’ve been wanting to volunteer but aren’t sure where to…

Three Reflections After 33 Years

I’m always reflecting on life. It’s really become an integral part of who I am. I believe it is important to derive meaning from our lives and spend the time to reflect on lessons learned and find ways to incorporate them into our lives. Is it even possible to not incorporate what we’ve learned into our lives moving forward? I sincerely like the idea of getting older (now would be
the time to call me crazy), I feel like great maturity comes with age and in line with that idea, I feel like I now know what I like (and dislike) more than ever. My thirties, or what I have experience with them so far, have been truly enjoyable. I am also confident that as I move forward through my third decade that I will continue to experience more positivity and self-confidence. In the spirit of my birthday, I was inspired to share a few of my personal reflections.

How many reps should you do on your exercises when you lift weights for fat loss? The human body has different muscle groups and not all muscles are the same size or even type.  Small muscles respond better to higher reps.  Big muscles…

“I may have a strange relationship with my suffering but it’s only because it’s loved me enough to show me the gaping holes in my foundation. And I can’t say anything or anyone has cared about my personal growth as deeply.” – Jade Black My…

It’s OK To Not Be OK On Mother’s Day

Like many women in their mid to late twenties, I grew up watching the Gilmore Girls every week on TV. I loved their relationship, their overdone late nineties dialogue, and their ability to eat horrendous amounts of junk food and maintain a steady 2% body fat. I loved it all, and to this day the theme song sets off an overwhelming wave of nostalgia whenever I hear it.

My mom and I watched that show together, over the years. It’s one of the fondest memories I have of her; I think now because we were both lost in a little world that wasn’t our own- where that kind of life was possible. In Stars Hollow, things were good.

GET FILTHY CLEAN AT FOAM FEST Events Across Canada (Canada) Muddy, foamy, and loaded with fun, 5K Foam Fest is coming to Canada, starting in Abbotsford, BC on June 2nd. As part of 365 Sport Inc.’s 2018 national tour, 5K Foam Fest will be held across Canada in 15…

Belly Bags: The Perfect Gift for Preggos

I might be gift box obsessed.

Is there any occasion that isn’t suitable to give a cute, perfectly arranged gift box of goodies? I really don’t think so. The options are absolutely endless, and I just adore a beautifully curated gift basket put together by a local company… with products from local companies!

Well,I’ve found a local company that doesn’t just do “gift baskets”. They do a very special, very specific type of gift basket.

Belly Bags, right here in the Fraser Valley, curates these special gifts for expecting mums – saving the hassle of purchasing and packing necessities for the hospital bag, and also making a super cute baby shower gift!

In honour of Mother’s Day, join Maan Farm’s for Brunch on The Farm to celebrate all Mamas! Upon arrival, you will receive their signature berry MOMosa handcrafted with our award winnning wine. They will be serving Mama Maan’s famous berry crepes topped with delicious whipped…