Postpartum Depression? Or Postpartum Oppression? Part 2

Seeing this unfold, my husband strongly encouraged me to try again.   To find a doctor that seemed to understand me better and so I tried. I saw another doctor, and sobbing, I explained what was happening.  How I no longer knew who I was, how I couldn’t be happy anymore, never left my house and had completely given up on being anything of who I was before.  She was kind and listened sympathetically but again, encouraged medication. I explained my fears and she said she could start me off low, and generally increase and I made a commitment to her and myself that I would try.  Again, I filled the prescription and made my best effort to take it. But googling this new medication won over and I couldn’t do it. You may be asking yourself, seriously why didn’t you just take it? And I did too. Trust me.  There was so much guilt within me. Guilt at what my life had become, what my husband had to silently endure and the opportunities my Grace was missing. I went back to the doctor, again sobbing, almost begging forgiveness at not being able to take them.  She had ideas. One was that he could hide the medication in my food. That didn’t sit well with me. That wasn’t the path to betterness. Our marriage was a trustful one and this seemed to break that trust. Sure I would have been telling him to do it, but it allowed a new kind of sneakiness in.  One that I didn’t want. This doctor had granted me permission to take stress leave, so thankfully I hadn’t had to be around my students during this time (I was an EA, which meant I worked with special needs students within the district) but in doing this, I had to complete several tasks as requested by my employer in order to be paid an EI type of wage while I was off.

Tiny Home Life

   They make shows about them, everyone talks about how cute they are, but “I could never actually live in that.” They’re kind of trendy, kind of confusing, kind of cute, and totally captivating. They are tiny homes, and in many places in the US and Canada, they’re becoming an attractive alternative to people who don’t want to stomach exorbitant real estate prices. Whenever you see shows based around these structures, they usually follow either one person or a couple living together. Rarely, if ever, do families get showcased. Speaking from experience, I can say there’s a good reason for that. Living in a tiny home, with children, spouse, and pets, is not for the faint of heart. I know this, because this is me.

Applebarn at Taves Family Farm – Opens on August 17th! Get ready for August, because the Applebarn is officially back open!!! About Taves Family Farm We care about the future of our land, our children, and community. For this reason, we will always grow and share farm-to-table…



 On Tuesday, June 5, 2018, Canuck Place Children’s Hospice will host donors, sponsors and supporters at A Breakfast with Friends at their second provincial location, Canuck Place – Dave Lede House in Abbotsford to celebrate the expansion of clinical services which now includes the opening of medical beds.

This event honours the cherished community of Canuck Place donors in the Fraser Valley who have made this expansion possible with a delicious home-cooked meal in the Canuck Place kitchen, an interactive panel discussion with the Canuck Place clinical team, as well as remarks from Mayor Henry Braun and a local Canuck Place family who recently received inpatient care at the hospice.

For the past few years, Canuck Place – Dave Lede House has operated much-needed outpatient and community services. This expansion includes inpatient care at the Abbotsford hospice with medical beds, as well as an increase in clinical consultations in the home to support families where they need it the most.

EVENT:  A Breakfast with Friends

DATE: Tuesday, June 5, 2018

LOCATION:   Canuck Place Children’s Hospice – Dave Lede House – 32722 Marshall Road

TIME: Doors open at 8:00 am
Media availability 8:00 am to 9:30 am at Dave Lede House

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Canuck Place Children’s Hospice is British Columbia’s pediatric palliative care provider. Over 715 newborns, children and teens with life-threatening illnesses and their families receive care from CPCH through outreach programs and two provincial hospice locations; Vancouver and Abbotsford. Services include clinical respite and family support, pain and symptom management, 24-hour phone consultation support and in-house clinical care, art and education, recreation therapy, grief and loss counselling and end-of-life care. Through the investment of the community and our talented team and over 300 energetic volunteers, we make a lasting difference in the lives of children and the families who love them. For more information, please visit

Surrey Festival of Volunteers Community Volunteer Connections is hosting a Volunteer Fest this Sunday at Central City! You’re invited to attend the Surrey Volunteer Festival at Central City from 11 am to 4 pm on May 27!  If you’ve been wanting to volunteer but aren’t sure where to…

I’m always reflecting on life. It’s really become an integral part of who I am. I believe it is important to derive meaning from our lives and spend the time to reflect on lessons learned and find ways to incorporate them into our lives. Is…

How Many Reps Are The Right Amount?

How many reps should you do on your exercises when you lift weights for fat loss?

The human body has different muscle groups and not all muscles are the same size or even type.
 Small muscles respond better to higher reps.
 Big muscles respond well to both higher reps and lower reps.

There are 6 big lifts that will target the “big muscles” when you lift weights which involve lots of muscles working together at the same time and in order to maximize your time and effort, you have to think differently about these movements when compared to others.

“I may have a strange relationship with my suffering but it’s only because it’s loved me enough to show me the gaping holes in my foundation. And I can’t say anything or anyone has cared about my personal growth as deeply.” – Jade Black My…

Like many women in their mid to late twenties, I grew up watching the Gilmore Girls every week on TV. I loved their relationship, their overdone late nineties dialogue, and their ability to eat horrendous amounts of junk food and maintain a steady 2% body…