Erin Miller Schumann


6 Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows

So, Game of Thrones is done forever – le sigh. What shall you do to occupy yourselves on Sunday evenings now? Never fear! There are so many great, binge-worthy shows to dig into on Netflix these days. From drama to comedy, kids to teens, here are a few choices to pick from. Or, if you’re like us, just fill you time on Sundays arguing about what you’re going to watch next…

Perfect Gifts for Graduation

After a full and busy school year, June is a time of celebration and excitement. Final tests are written, projects are handed in and grades are awarded. For students and parents, June is a season to look forward to what life holds next while remembering the challenges and successes that have met you along the way. 

No matter what level of schooling your graduates are completing – high school, university, masters programs  being able to honour their achievements is a wonderful part of their education journey.  

What to Bring to the Fraser Valley Tulip Festival with Kids

 love spring more than almost everything else in life. And one of the reasons I love it so much is a transplanted Dutch phenomenon here in the Fraser Valley – Tulips! 

I love tulips so much that they are easily one of my favourite flowers. So, when the good people of the Fraser Valley took it upon themselves to perfect growing these seasonal beauties, AND THEN opened their fields up for us to frolic in, I was beyond overjoyed.  

Vegterian Grill Recipes

Patio season is finally here! Warm afternoons, your favourite jams on the Bluetooth speaker, cold drinks and the sizzle of the grill; my heart is so happy just imagining it! I don’t there’s anything that tastes as good as a skillfully prepared meal fresh off the barbeque. Hamburgers, hot dogs, a deliciously marinated chicken breast – all are mouth watering.  

But what about our beloved vegan and vegetarian friends? Or even the other side of your plate? Let’s give vegetables and creative, new recipes a space on our grills this year.  

Healthy Meals You Can Make in 20 Minutes Any Day of The Week

It’s that moment of the day that we all dread – What should you make for dinner?  

And while Skip the Dishes or the neighbourhood social house are always tempting, you’re trying to be an adult and actually use up the groceries that are already in your house and save your money. But sometimes the same old salad or pasta just doesn’t seem tantalizing enough and having a bagel for the second time that day probably isn’t what your body is asking for (or is that just me?). 

How to Plan the Perfect Picnic

I hope that by sending this out into the universe I have not somehow, once again, offended Mother Nature. The snow appears to be done and it really does seem as though spring is here and I, for one, cannot wait to be outside in the sun.  

Regardless of the temperature, it’s time to get outdoors and reconnect with our local Fraser Valley beauty – And what better way to do that than with a picnic?