Jade Karling


Grief Gifts: The Power of Grief to Reveal

“Grief does not change you, Hazel. It reveals you.”
― John Green, The Fault in Our Stars

If you live long enough, at one point or another, you will experience the death of a loved one. Whether it be another human whom a strong bond was built with or a beloved pet; death touches each of us. Despite this, the topic of death and dying is commonly avoided in our culture. Truthfully though, this topic has brought about some interesting and transforming conversations in my life. As a life skills coach and an occasional host on the Grief Dreams Podcast, I continuously hear from the bereaved about their grief journey after the loss of their loved one. When I hear their stories I wonder how humanity became
so brave and so strong. They have mustered the strength to move forward in life despite some very cruel encounters with death and dying. It is so inspirational to hear what the bereaved have learned (what grief revealed) about themselves and how they have grown through their suffering. I have heard the bereaved talk about growth in many different areas. The bereaved may start valuing those around them more, start to develop new skills, gain a greater realization on how strong they truly are, develop a deeper faith, make changes in what really matters most to them, and it goes on and on.

The Sixth Trimester

Okay, so I was under the impression that women just kind of have babies and boom, right back to (new) normal life. I must say, although I knew things would be altered in a major way, I did not fully understand the dramatic change associated with the very personal journey of pregnancy, birth, and subsequently, life after baby arrived. Movies certainly give us a false sense of the amount of healing time required after experiencing such a monumental (and utterly beautiful) life event. Damn you Hollywood!

Three Little Wisdom’s Spring Gifts Us

We often overlook the wisdom of nature. Its’ ability to move forward and thrive without rules, specific instruction or supervision. Just how does an acorn instinctively know how to become a massive oak tree and a bluebird articulately build a nest. Nature is riddle with intelligence and yet, in our daily lives, the frequency of our inquisition about the wisdom of nature is quite limited. If we took the time to reflect upon the inherit wisdom of the seasons alone we might be obliged to feel more relaxed, calm, and ‘zenful’ even.