Michelle Pierscionek


Great Camping Spots Around the Fraser Valley

It’s May, which means campsites are rolling out those open signs and the relaxing days are here.  Camping on the river is always a soothing experience, the rush of the river always seems to ease the mind ,but don’t just take our word for it, try it yourself!  We’ve chosen 11 different sites in some of the most scenic places sure to bring a smile to your  face! If you’re feeling particularly stuck in choosing a campsite whether it be small and intimate or large and “loud” we’ve got the right choice for you.   

Cheat Meal Recipes Worth Waiting All Week For

Eating healthy all week isn’t always a fun thing to do, but the anticipation of getting to eat a big carb-loadedextremely greasy, or super sweet treat on the weekend makes it all worth it.  With everyone having different preferences, for your sake, we are going to give you plenty of options, thank us later! We’ll try our hardest to make sure these meals and treats are as tasty as possible, promise!  

Crush Your Sugar Cravings With These 5 Totally Healthy Snacks That Taste Like a Cheat Meal

When time is of the essence or if it’s just too darn hot to do… just about anything, eating unhealthy foods and snacks that leave you bloated and feeling terrible are the wrong way to go. Eating healthy and having healthy snacks that taste like a cheat around the house is a huge bonus. Here are 5 super easy and semi-quick munchie or dessert style snacks that are for sure to become Summer staples.   

Great Podcasts for Your Daily Commute

Listening to the same songs over and over on the radio or your phones shuffle can be exhausting. It’s fun, but only for so long! This is why we have a few podcast recommendations to spice things up on your commute. From 1-3 hour long Joe Rogan interviews to 10 minute daily motivation for some pep in your step! We’ve got the perfect mix for you. 

Camping Essentials: Here’s What You Need for Your Next Camping Trip

Summer is right around the corner and with that comes camping! Whether you’re staying in The Valley or going out of town we have the perfect list of camping essentials for you. We’re sure everyone knows the basics, sleeping bags, tents, pots & pans, etc. That’s why we are here to help with the extras, things you forget or they may even be the first things in your bags, depends who we’re talking to!  Keep reading to ensure you have everything you need to make your next trip a success. 

5 Tips to Improve Time Management

Managing your time wisely can be very tedious to do and being aware of it is even more irritating. No one likes wasting time or feeling like time has been wasted, we as people like to get things done and feel accomplished – feel pride.  

In this blog we are going to jot down some ways you can assist yourself in feeling pride throughout the day and keep the blues away. 

Spring Fashion Trends and How to Style Them

Fun jumpsuits, earth tones, and chunky jewellery have all come back. In this blog learn how to style 5 of Spring 2019’s trends. We will be teaching you how to layer and wear each item! Keep reading to see how you can wear each trend during the day and in the evening. Don’t forget to make sure you aren’t making yourself uncomfortable in your clothes, fashion is an expression of the self!