Michelle Pierscionek


16 Finger Lickin’ Good Vegetarian Sandwich Recipes

Vegetarians know how to do sandwiches, let’s start with that. The amazing combination of flavours, spices, and vegetables is damn brilliant. In this blog, we’re going to be giving you the hook-up to some pretty tasty recipes. Whether you’re looking for spicy, sweet, warm, or wrapped, we got you covered.

These sandwiches can be made with whatever bread, bun, wrap, or pita you please. Swap ingredients, get crafty, and create your own uniquely flavoured sandwich! Who says you have to follow these recipes verbatim? We recommend always having fun when cooking; there is simply no better way to do it! 

Top 10 Essentials For Long Haul Flights

Long haul flights are tiring,boring, and dry. Today we’re sharing our top 10 essentials to take with you on the flights that are longer than a work day. We will be sure to keep your skin hydrated, ensure sleep is gained, and keep you entertained! Whether you’re flying to Germany or Thailand these essentials will surely have you prepared for your long journey ahead. 

Developing Healthy Habits: How to Start Making Healthy Changes in Your Life

Popular to contrary belief, it does not take 21 days to create a habit. Realistically it takes however long it needs to – depending on the time, effort, and energy you choose to put in. That being said, you do not need to revolve your life around your new healthy habit(s); find ways to fit them into your day-to-day life rather than allowing them to swallow it whole. To have your new habits stick you want to have fun with them. Here are 5 ways to help get that new habit to stick.

The Must-Read Books This Summer

finger becomes a task you dread. Luckily we are here to help guide you through your lazy haze leaving you with nothing but the product to check out. 

You know, since we did all the research ;). Here are just a few books we deem to be refreshing, exciting, and worth while with new titles such as ‘Looker’ by Laura Sims and a few older titles like ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn.