Jackie Waddle


Automotive Themed Christmas Ideas

I bet the last thing you’re thinking of when making your Christmas shopping list is auto-themed items for gifts. Yet, this is one of the best categories to go with. There’s more than enough ideas, many people on your list have cars and the stocking-stuffer options alone are endless! Plus you have the opportunity to go with functional, fun or both.

It doesn’t matter if someone is a car-enthusiast or just a car user, even for that hard-to-buy-for person these ideas are sure to help you find a great, thoughtful gift that you may not have considered before.

Six Things To Do This School Year To Stay Safe On The Road

It’s that time of the year again!  Parents are happy, the kids….probably not quite as much!

The obvious shopping trips have been happening, choosing a new backpack, pencils, paper, binders and books! You’ve made sure you have just the right back to school outfit and shoes for the little ones…. You’ve bought new dorm and apartment furniture for the kids heading off to university and college.  These things might be checked off your to-do list, but what about preparing the car that is going to haul all those care packages off to university, and the car that will be driving back and forth to school and dropping off the kids and their friends to after school activities and events?  The driving can be endless it seems during the school year and much of it occurs through busy neighborhoods and school zones.  This means that regular maintenance of your vehicle for safety and reliability is even more important than usual!