Rianna Laboucane


5 Easy Steps To Creating Your Backyard Mama Oasis; No Matter How Small Your Space

I have this tiny patio. Sure, I am lucky enough to also have an entire backyard (filled with playsets, kiddie pools and sand pits)… but off of my master bedroom, I have this little four foot by four foot patio. It overlooks my front yard and apple tree, and beyond that, the mountains that surround the lake. Our street has no lights, so at night, all you can see is stars stars stars.

Belly Bags: The Perfect Gift for Preggos

I might be gift box obsessed.

Is there any occasion that isn’t suitable to give a cute, perfectly arranged gift box of goodies? I really don’t think so. The options are absolutely endless, and I just adore a beautifully curated gift basket put together by a local company… with products from local companies!

Well,I’ve found a local company that doesn’t just do “gift baskets”. They do a very special, very specific type of gift basket.

Belly Bags, right here in the Fraser Valley, curates these special gifts for expecting mums – saving the hassle of purchasing and packing necessities for the hospital bag, and also making a super cute baby shower gift!

Chilliwack Market Mamas Offer Great Shopping To Support Local Makers & A Good Cause

Artisan markets are popping up everywhere, but the Chilliwack Market Mamas have quite the knack for planning amazing markets to support small local shops and charities around town.

Handmade items are my favorite to purchase. I love the fact that buying handmade products support the families who live in my community. Lucky for me, the Chilliwack Market Mamas have me covered with lots of pop-up artisan markets for me to attend! Last weekend, they hosted over 80 local vendors at a market on Promontory Road. Admission was FREE… which is always a good motivator to get me to spend more money at the booths! There was a charity raffle at the front door, and all proceeds raised were donated to the Starfish Pack program.

A Small Chilliwack Business is Accomplishing Big Global Goals to Celebrate One Year In Business

Refinery House in Chilliwack hosted their one-year birthday bash last weekend. To celebrate, they partnered with Himalayan Life to bring the community together for a good cause: to raise enough money to build a school in Nepal.

Have you heard of the Refinery House on Vedder Road?  At first glance, I thought it was just a hair salon. Upon closer inspection, however, I realized this studio is actually a health & beauty haven. From hair and makeup, to physiotherapy and midwifery, they’ve got a girl covered head to toe, inside and out.

Bringing the Community Together One FREE Downward Dog At a Time

Saturdays are host to free community yoga classes at Studio B Yoga in Garrison Crossing. I picked the perfect rainy Saturday to check it out.

It was grey, rainy, wet, and cold outside. But the warmth of Studio B Yoga in Garrison Crossing had me feeling right at home. Such a perfect day to peel off a cozy cardigan and get comfy on your yoga mat. Inhaling the scent of lavender, pine and patchouli from my mat, I sat in the quiet studio listening to the murmur of other students and the rain trickling down outside.