Rianna Laboucane


May Long Weekend Activities and Events

May long. Its the first long weekend of the year that promises outdoor adventures. This year weve lucked out, as the weather has been absolutely perfect for any type of activity you could dream up for the long weekend.  Most people book their May Long plans way ahead in anticipation of sunshine & fun, but if the Victoria Day stat is looming and you still have no plans, dont worry, Ive got ya.  

 Here are a couple of fun ideas for your May Long Weekend: 

May is National BBQ Month: 5 Simple Vegetarian Recipes Worth Firing Your Grill For

In case you havent noticed, vegetarian and vegan diets seem to be the way of the future – it is now easier than ever to adopt a healthier diet and reduce your meat intake. With meatless options everywhere from fast food (thank you A&W) to holiday meals (Tofurkey, anyone?) There really isnt any reason to not jump on the meatless bandwagon – at least once in a while.  

Affordable Backyard Makeovers

April showers bring May flowers. 

That means many of us are braving the cool temperatures right now; digging in our gardens, freshening up the yard, pulling out our patio furniture so we can spend as much time outside in May when everything is beautiful and in bloom. 

I dont know about you, but my backyard could use some help before I start inviting friends over for patio barbecues. I started Pinning beautiful yards and gardens before I launched myself into a three hour shopping spree which came to a sudden halt when I hit the check-out” button.  

10 Best Picnic Spots in the Fraser Valley

We had a little bit of a fake summer in March, didnt we? Long days full of sunshine, warm temperatures and next to no rain. It definitely had me dreaming of summer days and adventures in the sunshine.  

 One of my favourite things to do when the weather is nice is pack up a cooler of good food and drinks, load up my kids and find somewhere to head for a day full of sunshine & exploring. Ive put together a list of ten amazing picnic spots for you to check out this spring and summer.