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Fraser Valley Feature: Photographer Cait Kennedy

“Competition makes us faster; Collaboration makes us better!” – Anonymous

In a community such as the Fraser Valley, there are going to be clicks and groupings that not everyone fits into. But with that being said, the community in the Valley is so vast and continues to grow each and everyday. Because of this wonderful community and “tribe” being built I have been fortunate to meet some amazing individuals; and Cait Kennedy is definitely one of them!

ThreePumpkin Patches to Check Out in the Fraser Valley

“Only the knife knows what goes on in the heart of a pumpkin.”  – Simon Schwarz-Bart

As the summer season has officially come to a close it’s time to pull out all things pumpkin! Yes, that includes pumpkin spice and everything nice. Fall is a very anticipated season among many: the crisp weather, layers, and of course going to the pumpkin patch.

If you’re from the Fraser Valley (Abbotsford specifically) you’ll know there are no shortages of patches to choose from – and it’s fun for the whole family. Grab your umbrellas, gum boots, and scarves and head out for an afternoon of fun.

Six Things You Need to Prepare for Travelling with a Toddler

“In America, there are two classes of travel: first-class and with children.” — Robert Benchley

For those who have traveled with toddlers (not infants), I salute you. Packing numerous peoples luggage, cleaning the home, and making a million to-do and to-pack list’s before you head off on holidays can be very overwhelming. Some may even say it’s crazy, others would say ‘brave’.

Interview: Heydy Lopez on Having Kids and Chasing Dreams

If you’re a blogger or a mom active on social media, you’re likely to have heard of Heydy Lopez. Since launching her blog Raising Jay & Abel back in April 2015, this mom of three seems to have it all figured out. From working a full-time job as a legal administrative assistant, raising three boys, and running a successful blog, there is no telling what this powerhouse is up to next.

Why I Still Live in Abbotsford

I swear if I received a dollar for every time someone asked me “why do you live in Abbotsford,” I’d be rich… okay maybe not rich, but I’d have a good chunk of money to possibly afford to move.

To be completely honest, I personally never thought I’d still be living in Abbotsford and raising my son here. I originally moved to The Valley (from North Delta) back in August of 2009, after being accepted to the University of the Fraser Valley’s English program. At that time there was no such thing as Highstreet Mall, our bus system was flawed, and all I wanted to do was pass my N drivers test.

7 Things to do in the Fraser Valley Before the Warm Weather is Gone

As September is now upon us (seriously where has this year gone?), with kids heading back to school and instilling the routines once again, we are left with only a few short weeks of warm weather. If it were up to me summer would be a year round season and snow would simply not exist.

If you’re anything like me and in-need of some last minute activities to do and enjoy in the Fraser Valley before the weather turns, here are my suggestions: