16 Finger Lickin’ Good Vegetarian Sandwich Recipes

Vegetarians know how to do sandwiches, let’s start with that. The amazing combination of flavours, spices, and vegetables is damn brilliant. In this blog, we’re going to be giving you the hook-up to some pretty tasty recipes. Whether you’re looking for spicy, sweet, warm, or wrapped, we got you covered.

These sandwiches can be made with whatever bread, bun, wrap, or pita you please. Swap ingredients, get crafty, and create your own uniquely flavoured sandwich! Who says you have to follow these recipes verbatim? We recommend always having fun when cooking; there is simply no better way to do it! 

10 Easy Make-ahead Snack Recipes Ideal for School

As Summer is coming to a close, back to school is just around the corner which means it’s time to start prepping! It’s the time of the year where many changes take place in the household as your little ones get ready to go back to school. Dinner time might be earlier, and it’s definitely time to start meal prepping again. To help cross at least one thing off your long back to school to-do list, we’re sharing 10 easy make-ahead snack recipes ideal for school! 

Healthy Vegetarian Recipes You Can Make Under 30 Minutes

What’s one change you’ve been trying to make in your household? My husband and I are trying to become more conscious about the amount of meat we eat in our home. We still love the savoury taste of meat and wanted to keep that aspect as much as possible. We’re also both pretty busy so these meals couldn’t be a whole 2 hour ordeal. Healthy, 30 minutes or less, no meat, savoury and delicious. Those were the rules and here’s what we found!

Best No Bake Desserts Ideal for August Heat!

It’s August and it’s hot AF out there. The last thing you want to do this month is turn on your oven but if you’re a sweets-lover like me, there is no escaping your need for dessert. It doesn’t matter that it’s a bajillion degrees outside, you are craving a chocolate cake like it’s the end of the world & aint nothin’ stopping you from getting your fix.

Girl, I get you.

6 Fresh and Healthy Snacks Under 20 Minutes

Summertime always has me craving fresh, healthy foods. But sometimes I get a little sick of eating veggies and salads. Getting creative with healthy foods can sometimes feel a little complicated and daunting, but it doesnt have to be! Try keeping your snack choices simple, colourful, and fulfilling. Here are a couple of my favourite healthy go-to snacks: