Sleep IS Important!

Sleep is one of those things that is not only important for longevity but also for looking, feeling and functioning at your best on a daily basis.  Everyone struggles to fall asleep at times but when this becomes  a regular problem, sometimes lifestyle and dietary changes are necessary to combat the issue! If this is something you are struggling with, or if you feel like you are waking up feeling tired then this article is for you!

Five Reasons to Head to Highstreet for Your Next Date Night

If you haven’t been yet, High Street Shopping Centre in Abbotsford is one of the Fraser Valley’s most unique and inclusive shopping malls ever. The open-air mall combines a high-quality shopping experience with a vast selection of food venues.

While High Street is the perfect place to take care of literally all of your errands for the day, we also think it is the perfect place for a date night! Here’s why:

Four Things to Know Before You Hit the Winter Markets

It’s market season here in the Fraser Valley. From now until January you are guaranteed to find some sort of Autumn or Christmas market happening throughout the Fraser Valley area. What better way to get in the Christmas spirit than to check out some of the local artisans that the Fraser Valley has to offer! You might even be able to get some Christmas shopping done early this year.

Before figuring out which markets you plan on attending, there are a few things you need to know that will help make your market experience successful. We’ve come up with the top 4 things you should do before attending your first market this year!

Six Things You Need to Prepare for Travelling with a Toddler

“In America, there are two classes of travel: first-class and with children.” — Robert Benchley

For those who have traveled with toddlers (not infants), I salute you. Packing numerous peoples luggage, cleaning the home, and making a million to-do and to-pack list’s before you head off on holidays can be very overwhelming. Some may even say it’s crazy, others would say ‘brave’.

Why You Shouldn’t Worry About “Falling Off The Wagon” This Weekend

With the holiday season coming up around the corner, a lot of you are probably looking forward to indulging in all those delicious foods that come along with it!  There are also some of you that might be dreading the increased level of stress as you battle the commitment of continuing to fit into your skinny jeans- or just pulling out those sweatpants and leaving every event you attend in a wheel barrow.

Workout of the Week: Training to Sustain Week 3

Welcome to your Workout of the Week program- free motivation and fitness guidance from Fraser  Valley Lifestyle Magazine! My workouts are designed to be sustainable and effective- I believe in taking fitness one day at a time, so every week we’ll change it up and get you moving in a way that makes you stronger, faster, and fitter.

Each  week, I’ll provide a quick and easy-to-follow workout broken into two groups: Beginners, who we’ll call the LIVABLE group; and those who want an extra challenge, who we’ll call the SUFFERABLE group.

Each workout is broken into a movement or a sequence of movements, which you will complete the prescribed number of rounds of before moving on to the next one.

Let’s get started with Week Three!

Yin Yoga is the Yoga You Didn’t Know You Could Do

When we lived in Australia, they had a Health and Wellness month towards the end of winter. The school I taught at decided to offer free yoga lessons to all staff for 6 weeks.  The deal included any family members at a cost of $5 per lesson.  Tough to pass up, but a surprisingly small amount of staff took up the offer. My daughter and husband did decide to join me in the after school sessions though.  We had our own private, or should I say corporate, instructor.  The class started off with a group of about 15 but as the weeks went on, we barely had 5 attendees.  This was my first experience with practicing yoga on a regular basis.  Clearly it left an impression on my daughter, as she took up yoga and has had a regular practice for over 5 yrs!

How to Live a Better Life With Chronic Pain

Imagine you wake up one day and start to notice tingling and numbness in your toes. Worried, you see the doctor in case it’s a symptom of Diabetes. As the tests mount, the numbness turns to nerve pain. Your sleep patterns start to be severely impacted. You have trouble getting through your workday because you didn’t get to sleep till 4am and had to be up at 6:30am. Over time, you can’t seem to control your legs, your balance becomes so poor you can’t close your eyes in the shower for fear of falling. In a panic, you realize you are losing the use of your legs.

Interview: Heydy Lopez on Having Kids and Chasing Dreams

If you’re a blogger or a mom active on social media, you’re likely to have heard of Heydy Lopez. Since launching her blog Raising Jay & Abel back in April 2015, this mom of three seems to have it all figured out. From working a full-time job as a legal administrative assistant, raising three boys, and running a successful blog, there is no telling what this powerhouse is up to next.