The Modern General Store: Bringing a Vancouver Vibe to South Surrey

It’s kind of an embarrassing story, but I first stumbled across The Modern General Store with my parents when
our GPS took us on a wild goose chase while we were looking for a place to get a snack. Once we finally found
our destination, we were struck by its unexpected warm and welcoming atmosphere and commitment to local
goods and provisions. I shared that it had an “urban-hipster” feel—which is a total a bonus in my books! Our
family has returned several times and are big fans of the Sunday brunch; my hubby loves the frittata, our kiddo
loves the waffles, and I love the trendy avocado toast.

Made to Order: A Return to Slow Fashion with Pemberley

What do ethics, lifestyle, and Mr. Darcy have in common? They’re all part of the story of the latest fashion brand to hit the Fraser Valley… But it’s not for you- it’s for your daughter.

As I enter the Water Shed in Walnut Grove, Lesley Stefanski and Vanessa Voth are laughing and eating together, surrounded by their work. They’re just days away from the launch of their slow-fashion clothing brand, Pemberley, and their excitement is palpable.

Meet The Woman Who Makes Dinner for Strangers

If you’ve ever been in crisis, you know that simple jobs like making food can be overwhelming and stressful. Thankfully, there are people in our community who see that need and aim to fill it- for no reason other than to be kind.

Shannon Grochowski stands in her kitchen, a baby on her hip, stirring something that smells so good it’s making my stomach growl. She apologizes again for not being “ready” for me to interview her- as though keeping four kids alive and also being dressed and articulate isn’t already an accomplishment.