Kyle McCaffrey


5 Fitness Tools Everyone Needs

For those that travel a lot, or just on the go, home workouts are likely your only option. Sacrificing the gym life to get ahead is a normal thing to do and if you’re self disciplined to still get the training done, you’re going to need some tools that cover the most basic of needs and then some. Here is a quick list of essential tools that give you the best bang for the buck.

What Your Personal Training Coach Won’t Tell You

It’s not a conspiracy, it’s just that 90% of PT coaches would be out of a job if they told you the truth. The truth is, without a proper, well adjusted diet, your workouts are worth very little and it’s not a two way street. You don’t need to exercise as often as you need to eat healthy food.

For a long time, and some still are, enamored with the beach bod mentality. Bulking season, shredding season, cleanses and fat loss pills. That line of thinking is pure trash unless your competing, even then it’s wacky. You simply need to start eating the best quality and most nutritious foods as soon as possible. By all means, start your training and be consistent with it, but the diet is the big winner when were talking about results.

Socializing at The Gym: Can it Decrease Your Performance?

That isn’t a normal question. The obvious and immediate answer is yes. We are social creatures after all. It’s actually a great help for long term training consistency. We have the social aspect to re-enforce our actions and motivations. Most people get motivated by seeing somebody CRUSHING it. That hormonal reaction is a contagious byproduct that shouldn’t be taken away from the experience. And socializing provides that.

Unusual Tips to Enhance Your Workouts

Everyone suffers the age old problem of “I wish I knew that before I started.” Injuries and bitter experiences are often the issue for beginners all the way to athletes. We can beat some common mistakes by remembering some simple tips. Knowing is half the battle, the other half will be guess work. Knowing a few tips that are more or less universal, will keep you in the game, whatever game that is.

Instagram Workouts: How to Avoid Injury

What a time to be alive. Almost all the worlds information in the palm of your hand. Social media demands most of the attention to information. This is no secret. We tend to go on our favorite social platforms for inspiration, entertainment or instructionals for a variety of things. Fitness is no exception. This presents some problems, especially for beginners.

5 Unsaid Gym Rules

Assume that there and rules for any gym or public place, social or otherwise. Gyms generally post their rules and “Mission Statement” on the wall. Those rules should be adhered to of course and maybe a couple could be broken.You might not know, but there are other rules that won’t be posted and that’s where this short list will help you out.

How to Choose a New Gym


“If you get through the door, you’re already winning”

The gym experience is different for everyone. How we perceive gyms and gym culture is going to differ. That being said, there are ways to understand this new world if you have never set foot in a gym or changing to another. Thinking of them as anything other than positive places is simply a waste of time and energy.