Best No Bake Desserts Ideal for August Heat!

It’s August and it’s hot AF out there. The last thing you want to do this month is turn on your oven but if you’re a sweets-lover like me, there is no escaping your need for dessert. It doesn’t matter that it’s a bajillion degrees outside, you are craving a chocolate cake like it’s the end of the world & aint nothin’ stopping you from getting your fix.

Girl, I get you.

6 Fresh and Healthy Snacks Under 20 Minutes

Summertime always has me craving fresh, healthy foods. But sometimes I get a little sick of eating veggies and salads. Getting creative with healthy foods can sometimes feel a little complicated and daunting, but it doesnt have to be! Try keeping your snack choices simple, colourful, and fulfilling. Here are a couple of my favourite healthy go-to snacks: 


Cheat Meal Recipes Worth Waiting All Week For

Eating healthy all week isn’t always a fun thing to do, but the anticipation of getting to eat a big carb-loadedextremely greasy, or super sweet treat on the weekend makes it all worth it.  With everyone having different preferences, for your sake, we are going to give you plenty of options, thank us later! We’ll try our hardest to make sure these meals and treats are as tasty as possible, promise!  

Crush Your Sugar Cravings With These 5 Totally Healthy Snacks That Taste Like a Cheat Meal

When time is of the essence or if it’s just too darn hot to do… just about anything, eating unhealthy foods and snacks that leave you bloated and feeling terrible are the wrong way to go. Eating healthy and having healthy snacks that taste like a cheat around the house is a huge bonus. Here are 5 super easy and semi-quick munchie or dessert style snacks that are for sure to become Summer staples.   

May is National BBQ Month: 5 Simple Vegetarian Recipes Worth Firing Your Grill For

In case you havent noticed, vegetarian and vegan diets seem to be the way of the future – it is now easier than ever to adopt a healthier diet and reduce your meat intake. With meatless options everywhere from fast food (thank you A&W) to holiday meals (Tofurkey, anyone?) There really isnt any reason to not jump on the meatless bandwagon – at least once in a while.  

Vegterian Grill Recipes

Patio season is finally here! Warm afternoons, your favourite jams on the Bluetooth speaker, cold drinks and the sizzle of the grill; my heart is so happy just imagining it! I don’t there’s anything that tastes as good as a skillfully prepared meal fresh off the barbeque. Hamburgers, hot dogs, a deliciously marinated chicken breast – all are mouth watering.  

But what about our beloved vegan and vegetarian friends? Or even the other side of your plate? Let’s give vegetables and creative, new recipes a space on our grills this year.